In 2009 I launched my first iOS app WorkTimes in the App Store. In 2010 I quit my job and became a freelancer to help companies with that new thing called "Mobile". In 2012 I launched my second iOS app MinuteTaker

The App Store make it really easy to sell your products in nearly every area in the world. That's why I chose a more international-friendly label to promote my apps, called madeFM. As I do my consulting work exclusively in Germany I picked a national name and called it systemweit. It's a combination of the german words "System" (the same in English) and "weit" (German for "wide" or "broad").

Consulting to me always means to see the bigger picture. When a customer describes a problem he mostly has already isolated a potential source of evil. But in my experiences that often isn't the (only) one. Therefore it needs a broader view to solve a problem or improve a process – that's what "systemweit" describes.

Maintaining two separate areas of responsibility also mean to do more, sometimes duplicated and diverge work. It's also harder to communicate both labels with the same intense and success.

That's why I decided to focus on just one of them and unify everything under that umbrella:

Welcome to systemweit.

Florian Mielke